Thursday, 5 May 2016

My Observations on the Ibus Braille Project


I am very happy about GSOC 2016 has accepted my proposal on IBus Braille Enhancemnet.   

I convey my thanks to the Indic Project Team for requesting a slot for my project proposal.

Here I am writing about the staus of the Ibus Braille Enhancement Project.
As the coding has officially not started. I also didn't started coding till today.
I am making the analysis and studying about the Ibus Sharada Braille project done by Mr. Nalin Sathyan. I am happy to say that he is mentoring me in this project along with Samuel Thibault. So I got 2 experts as mentors. I am thanking Indic team for giving me those potential mentors.

As of today

Communicating with the mentor Nalin Sathyan directly because he is in the   same university where I am from. He gave me so many suggestion regarding how the User Interface should look like and how the mapping of the keys should be done. He told me about how he implemented the Ibus Sharada Braille project.

Had lots of communication with Mr.Sathyan Master One of the Potential users of the Ibus Sharada Braille Project. He is a teacher in Kasargod Govt School for the Blind. He trains his students typing using the Ibus Braille Project. I got some opinions from so many students those who are using the project. they like the project a lot and felt simple to type the languages Malayalm and English using the Ibus Braille Keyborad.

Some people suggested me about they are not able to use this because they are from the Windows platform. I am now a little bit concerned about the Web User Interface one of the core component of my proposed project.

I am getting into the other segments of the project which I described in my Proposal. It may be spotted after getting it thoroughly.

Thank You

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