Tuesday, 16 August 2016

IBus-Braille Enhancement - 3

 A hard week passed!

1 Conventional Braille Mode enabled : Through this we solved dot-4 issue and now one can type using braille without any extra knowledge

commit 1 : https://gitlab.com/anwar3746/ibus-braille/commit/089edca78d31355c3ab0e08559f0d9fe79929de6

2 handle configure parser exceptions : corrupted isb configuration file can make it won't start. so I solved this by proper exception handling

commit 2 : https://gitlab.com/anwar3746/ibus-braille/commit/da0f0309edb4915ed770e9ab41e4355c2bd2c713

3 Liblouis integration : I think our dream is about to come true!  But still also we are struggling with vowel substitution on the middle.
commit 3 : https://gitlab.com/anwar3746/ibus-braille/commit/6826982fa39cbd2e155bfb389658e16cc57b0dae
commit 4 : https://gitlab.com/anwar3746/ibus-braille/commit/46ec83a1caab75b2b25bbd06e1156d927b33c211
commit 5 : https://gitlab.com/anwar3746/ibus-braille/commit/7032cf7b0c8cea7ce6c619c39750f5110effcfa3

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